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The Great Expectations Charter

Feedback wanted: If you have feedback, please reach out to

Great Expectations is both a community and an open source project.

  • The community is an inclusive space for data practitioners who want to improve data collaboration, with data quality as an integral component of that discussion.

  • The project provides a shared, open standard for data quality, expressed in software.

  • We strive for positive impact for individuals, for teams and companies, and for the whole data ecosystem.

The Community

As custodians of the community, we pledge to create a positive environment for conversation and innovation. We pledge to foster an atmosphere of kindness, cooperation, and understanding, creating an inclusive community where everyone is free from harassment, and valued as a whole human being. We ask others to do the same.

As maintainers of Great Expectations, we pledge to continually seek ideas and feedback from the data community. We commit to actively invite others to participate in this process, and to recognize and celebrate contributions of a broad community.

The Project

As an open source library, Great Expectations fills the need for an open standard for data quality by providing two things. First, Great Expectations provides a wide variety of data validation rules (called Expectations) that define an open, shared standard for data quality and express it in software. Second, Great Expectations provides a core suite of tools that make it simple for teams to implement the standard.

Our commitment to open source: everything that is part of open source Great Expectations will always remain open. Superconductive (the company behind Great Expectations) will continue to develop and support both the open source library and the vibrant community around it. We will continue to seek and integrate input from the data community as we develop and prioritize features on the Great Expectations roadmap.

We are hiring! Please check out our job board here:

Great Expectations

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