Community contributor interview: Hadas Manor

Learn more about the contributors & community members who help make Great Expectations what it is! Featuring: Hadas Manor.

Erica Howard
March 30, 2023
Erica Howard
March 30, 2023
Community contributor interview cover card for Hadas Manor

We appreciate each and every one of the many talented people who have contributed to Great Expectations’ open source project and participated in our community—9,800 members and growing!

Today, we’re profiling Hadas Manor.

Community contributor headshot (Hadas Manor)

Intro & icebreakers

❓ What’s your current role and organization?

Data Engineer, infra group, Wix

🍦 What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Salted caramel

🎞️ What’s a movie you love?

Cinema Paradiso, cried like a baby

🎨 What’s a craft or art form you enjoy doing?

Playing the piano, and not an art form but I spend a lot of time rock climbing :) 

⚫⚪ Light mode or dark mode?



🔎 How did you discover Great Expectations? What did you do with it first?

When I started working with my current team, incorporating GX in Wix data quality was already in motion, thanks to my team member Itai Sevitt. We are working towards making GX widespread in our company’s data quality efforts.

This includes contributing to the open source all the developments that we needed for ourselves that we thought might be useful for everyone, as well as developing inter-company infrastructure to mold GX to our specific organization’s needs.

🌱 What are some things you find rewarding about contributing to an open source project?

I think open source projects are such a good thing to have—many minds together, thinking and solving a mutual problem, and working together to achieve something that would benefit us all.

🧡 Is there anything about contributing to GX specifically that you enjoy?

I think GX is a great effort and I am proud to have contributed my small part to it. Everything I wrote about contributing to open source projects applies—especially when you believe in the product.

🛠️ If you’ve contributed Expectations: what do your Expectations do, and what are some reasons someone would want to use them?

A: I contributed the Expectations expect_day_sum_to_be_close_to_equivalent_week_day_mean and expect_day_count_to_be_close_to_equivalent_week_day_mean

They look at either the sum or the average of a certain metric, going back

weeks, on a specific day of the week.

When one would like to know how a certain metric has behaved in the past, and the specific day of the week is of importance, they might like to take a look at these Expectations. These 2 are virtually the same, with the former calculating the sum and the latter the average.

✅ What does data quality mean to you?

I think every data-driven organization should focus on data quality. So much funds are directed towards collecting and analyzing data, doing fancy things like ML models in order to understand and predict business trends, and without reliable data all of these efforts would be a waste of money.

Thank you Hadas for taking the time to speak with us!

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