Community roundup: August 2023

Featuring the Missingness Data Assistance, a community member presentation, and more

Erin Kapp
August 17, 2023
Erin Kapp
August 17, 2023
Great Expectations community roundup August 2023 cover card

At this month’s meetup, we:

  • Learned about the experimental Missingness Data Assistant

  • Explored Fluent Datasources through flowcharts

  • Heard from community member Bogdan Volodarskiy about how a team at Provectus uses GX to implement a data quality gate

We also learned about work by this month’s contributors, the latest on the product roadmap, and more.

Catch up with the recording:

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Thanks and kudos

Kudos to all of our Slack supporters for August: you’re a vital part of the GX community!

August 2023 top Slack supporters

We want to especially recognize the work that José Correia and calvingdu did this month:

August 2023 featured GitHub contributors
  • GX users can now use the

    parameter to choose a non-persistent Spark session when using Fluent Datasources in GX, thanks to José Correia.

  • The Expectation expect_column_values_to_be _a_valid_currency_code is now available in Spark as well as Pandas with calvingdu’s contribution.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to GitHub in August:

August 2023 GitHub contributors

ICYMI: the GX Discourse

If you have a question about GX, check out our new Discourse forum!

Discourse has two big advantages over Slack as a knowledgebase. First, Discourse’s messages are publicly searchable when Slack’s aren’t, making it easier for more users to find answers to their questions. And second, Discourse doesn’t have a message retention limit, whereas Slack only keeps messages for 90 days on the free plan.

To take advantage of those factors, we’ve revamped the GX Discourse forum to be a more welcoming and effective place for Q&A! The GX Slack will be a place for GX community members to connect in a more social setting. 

We know not everyone currently in Slack will be willing or able to move to Discourse right away. So we’ve established an automated cross-posting pipeline to keep Q&As up-to-date across platforms. Haebichan reviewed how the integration works in the meetup:

Check out the Discourse at

Roadmap update

We’ve added a new experimental Data Assistant: the Missingness DA, which we also introduced in a demo later in the meetup. Your feedback is appreciated!

Product manager Erik Hencier also previewed some of the upcoming work on GX:

If you’d like to check out Cloud yourself, sign up for the Beta here!

Fluent Datasource flowcharts

Developer advocate and stand-in meetup host Haebichan Jung showed some flowcharts that dive into the inner workings of a Fluent Datasource. He covers both a basic implementation and a more advanced use case: 

If you have questions, @Haebichan Jung is happy to talk! Reach out to him in the Feedback section of the Discourse or the #gx-feedback channel in Slack.

Missingness Data Assistant

Software engineer Thu Pham presented the new experimental Missingness Data Assistant! Check out her demo of the Missingness DA:

Up next for iteration on the Missingness DA are the visualizations and the ability to trigger the Missingness DA from Cloud. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Community demo: DQG: ‘one-click’ Data Quality Gate for your project (Bogdan Volodarskiy)

Community member Bogdan Volodarskiy of Provectus gave a use case demo of the Data Quality Gate, a Terraform module that lets you deploy Provectus’ data quality solution (including GX) in one click.

Watch the full presentation—including a checklist to help you assess when Data Quality Gate is going to be most helpful to you—here:

You can visit the Data Quality Gate on GitHub, or see the slides from Bogdan’s presentation here.

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Additional updates

Have you done something cool with Great Expectations that you'd like to share? If you're interested in demoing or have a piece of data quality content that you'd like us to feature, DM @Mollie Pettit on our Slack.

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