Great Expectations 101: Getting Started Webinar

Announcing a new webinar series!

get in data person!

These webinars have already taken place. You can watch the recorded version here:


🧠 Great Expectations 101 Webinar: Getting Starting with Q&A Happy to announce our new webinar series: Great Expectations 101!

We are going to kick off our new webinar series by hosting a “Getting Started” session, which will be focused on getting you up and running with Great Expectations. Sam Bail and the core Great Expectations engineering team will be guiding you through what it takes to deploy and run Great Expectations successfully.

By the end of the session you’ll be able to:

  • Create and edit Expectation Suites
  • Configure new Datasources
  • Understand what Great Expectations does under the hood
  • Validate your data with Great Expectations
  • Navigate validation output in Data Docs

After the demo there will be plenty of time for a Q&A with Sam and the core Great Expectations engineering team.

The session is aimed at new users who would like some help getting started with Great Expectations, or existing users who would like a refresher of the base concepts - or just want to chat with the core Great Expectations engineering team!

We are going to schedule this event twice to try and cover as many time zones as possible! Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday July 30th @ 9am US Eastern (event has passed video will be published)
  • Thursday August 6th @ 4pm US Pacific sign up here

Alternatively, you can find the Zoom link for the July 30th @ 9am in our Slack channel in #announcements or sign up with the links above. The sessions will also be recorded, watch out for an update if you can't make any of the dates.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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