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Great Expectations Hackathon 2022: Winners Announcement

Winners announcement and key highlights from the Great Expectations Hackathon (Spring 2022).
Written By  Cosette CresslerMay 18, 2022
Hackathon Icons

A huge thanks to everyone who joined our most recent Hackathon!

In an effort to expand the shared standard for data quality, we tasked participants with introducing Expectation Packages for Typed Entities, Fair AI, and Geospatial Data to our Expectation Gallery. And they rose to the challenge! 

Over the course of 6 weeks, we nearly tripled the number of Expectations in our gallery! These Expectations can now be used by data practitioners all over the world.

We were blown away by the quality of these Expectations, as well as by the level of creativity, innovation, and collaboration showcased by all participants. 

Hackathon Highlights 

Before we dive into the winners announcements, let’s take a quick look at some of the Hackathon highlights:

  • 178 Expectations created

  • 332 participants

  • $15,000 awarded in cash and swag

“Thanks to the GE Team and everyone submitting to the Hackathon. This was really cool, and the volume of new expectations submitted alone is impressive. Really looking forward to seeing how GE evolves with the new possibilities. Special thanks to @Austin Robinson for all the work reviewing and merging.” - Peter Dobson

And the winners are…

Hackathon judging was led by Austin Robinson, Kyle Eaton, and Abe Gong with assistance from the Great Expectations Developer Relations team.

Most Merged Contributions to Fair AI 

Winners: Luis Diaz & Derek Martin

This was both Luis’ and Derek’s first EVER Hackathon. And they crushed it—taking home not one, but two big prizes! (Oops, spoiler alert.) What did they learn from their first Hackathon experience? “Open source projects are beautiful and messy” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Prize: $3000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

Most Merged Contributions for Geo Data Expectations

Winner: Mohamed Mohey 

An engineering student, Mohamed first learned of Great Expectations from this Full Stack Deep Learning lecture. At the time, he probably didn't imagine he'd someday participate in a Great Expectation Hackathon—let alone take home a huge prize. But here we are. Mohamed's contribution of "Some Geospatial Expectations" blew us away. Check out his Expectations here:

Prize: $3000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

Most Merged Contributions for Typed Entities Expectations

Winners: Luis Diaz & Derek Martin

The boys are back with their second win of the Hackathon! Their Typed Entities contributions included Expectations that validated zip codes, U.S. states, territory codes, and more. They're proud of the number of custom Expectations they added, and so are we! Luis and Derek believe that "A tool that does data validation well could shape the future of the industry." And it was this belief that inspired them to contribute.

Prize: $3000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

Runner Up: Most Merged Contributions for Geo Data Expectations

Winner: Peter Dobson

This was Peter Dobson's first time contributing to a widely used open-source project and we think he nailed it. He contributed a broad set of Geospatial Expectations that calculate various relationships between points, reference shapes, and geocoded shapes. Peter's Expectations are very flexible—providing a valuable tool that can be used across many industries for many different purposes. Check them out here.

Prize: $1000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

Runner Up: Most Merged Contributions for Typed Entities Expectations

Winner: Szécsi Péter

Szécsi Péter has faced quite a few data quality issues over the years. So, he was highly motivated to contribute Typed Entities Expectations that would enable data quality checks. Specifically, he's proud of how his Expectations can be used to improve data quality testing in the network and cryptocurrency worlds. We can't wait to see the difference they make in these global industries!

Prize: $1000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

3rd Place: Most Merged Contributions for Typed Entities

Winner: Lin Yuan

According to Lin Yuan, Typed Entities Expectations can be widely adopted in real-world applications—which is why Lin chose to contribute to the Typed Entities Package. Lin submitted a large batch of Expectations that covered a wide range of real-world subjects, including a HEX Color Code Expectation, a Semiprime Number Expectation, an HTTP Status Code Expectation, a Phone Number Expectation, a Leap Year Expectation, and much much more. Lin prioritized user need and user experience in each of Lin's Expectations, which led to some really cool stuff. In fact, we'll be revisiting one of Lin's Expectations a little later in this blog...

Prize: $1000 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package

Unexpected Greatness (3)

Winners: Mohamed Mohey, Lin Yuan, and Andy Jessen

Mohamed Mohey: Expect Lat Long to Be Ocean or Land

As we mentioned with his earlier win, Mohamed submitted "Some Geospatial Expectations." His enthusiasm and creativity led to some very cool contributions—one of which has claimed our first Unexpected Greatness award.

We selected Mohamed's expect_column_values_to_be_valid_eth_address because it brings together the best of both creativity and real-world relevance. So, we thought we'd try to get creative in coming up with some real-world applications for this Expectation. For example, maybe if a dataset shows a tagged Great White Shark in the middle of Colorado, then the Expectation should fail. Or maybe it should pass? All jokes aside, great work, Mohamed! We'd love for the Great Expectations community to jump in and describe some fun scenarios for how this Expectation can be leveraged.

Lin Yuan: Stocks and Crypto Expectations

Our second Unexpected Greatness award goes to Lin Yuan. As we mentioned earlier, Lin prioritized user need and user experience to build Expectations with impactful real-world applications. Lin's Stocks and Crypto Expectations: Dow Jones Stock Ticker, Nasdaq Stock Ticker, SP500 Stock Ticker, Cryptocurrency Ticker, Ethereum Address are shining examples of this approach paying off. This column value Expectation will save a ton of time and effort across the entire data workflow. Check it out here

Andy Jessen: ICD-10

Our final Unexpected Greatness award goes to Andy Jessen for his work on ICD-10 format verification. ICD-10 is a widely-used set of labels for injuries and diseases, published by the World Health Organization. We were thrilled to see Andy take the initiative to extend Great Expectations into this important DSL for health care.

Prizes: $600 cash and a Great Expectations Swag package (each)


Thanks again to all of our Hackathon participants! We're honored to be able to collaborate with so many talented data practitioners. (And it was a lot of fun too!)

The competition may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop coding. You can contribute to our project at any time and stay in touch with us (and fellow data nerds) via GitHub and Slack.

We are hiring! Please check out our job board here:

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