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Built on the strength of a robust worldwide data quality community, the Great Expectations platform is revolutionizing data quality and collaboration.

A powerful platform to uphold data quality

A shared understanding of your data

Getting everyone on the same page is essential to deriving business value from data. Great Expectations offers an intuitive approach to testing data that automatically generates widely-readable results—making vital collaboration between technical and nontechnical teams easier.

Start building a shared perspective.

Accelerate your data discovery

GX helps you get insight into your data faster, collaborate more effectively, and empower technical and nontechnical teams to work in their preferred styles while still achieving their shared goals. Expectations create the central reference points that are key to organization-wide data quality.

Take your data discovery to the next level.

Frictionless fit with your existing stack

Create trust in data wherever you need it: GX integrates with a wide range of data sources and popular orchestrators.

Your data stays secure throughout since GX connects with your secret stores for data access and never moves or changes your data from the locations where you already have it. Learn more about security in GX here.

Simple role-based access control and edit histories for your Expectations levels up your data quality governance capabilities in GX Cloud.

Bring data quality into your stack today.

The power of Expectations

An Expectation is a verifiable assertion about your data. Creating an Expectation offers you unparalleled flexibility and control compared with other ways of defining data quality tests.

This intuitive approach is accessible to technical and nontechnical teams alike: Expectations automatically generate updated documentation on top of individual validation results, making sure everyone has visibility into  your test suites and validation results.

Expectations offer deeper insights than schema-focused validation and are more resilient to changing business and technical requirements than low-configuration options like anomaly detection.

Plus, Expectations are reusable and can be auto-generated, making it easy to deploy them across large amounts of data.

Start using Expectations to test your data.

Make your data work for you

Maintaining data quality doesn’t have to be hard. GX Cloud is now in public preview: try it today and see value in minutes.

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