Community contributor interview: Han Siong

Learn more about the contributors & community members who help make Great Expectations what it is! Featuring: Han Siong.

Erica Howard
June 27, 2023
Erica Howard
June 27, 2023
Community contributor interview cover card for Han Siong

We appreciate each and every one of the many talented people who have contributed to Great Expectations’ open source project and participated in our community—10,000 members and growing!

Today, we’re profiling Han Siong.

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Intro & icebreakers

❓What’s your current role and organization?

I work as a Data Engineer at MANN+HUMMEL, where my responsibilities include creating data pipelines and ensuring the cleanliness and accuracy of the data.

🍦 What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Cookies and cream

🎲 What’s your favorite board or video game? 

Counter-Strike (CS:GO) has been the only game I played extensively in the past

⚪ Light mode or dark mode?



🔎 How did you discover Great Expectations? What did you do with it first?

While searching for a data quality tool to monitor and notify about data issues, I came across Great Expectations through various influential LinkedIn posts. The first thing I did was to integrate a few data quality checks using GX into our data pipelines to assess if it matches our requirements.

🌱 What are some things you find rewarding about contributing to an open source project? 

The community plays a huge role in making my participation in the project fulfilling. From the start, I found that many of my queries were promptly resolved simply by asking in the Slack channel. As a result, I have also taken the initiative to assist individuals who are facing challenges similar to ones I have encountered in the past. 

🧡 Is there anything about contributing to GX specifically that you enjoy?

Seeing how I am able to assist users resolving problems similar to the ones I faced is certainly quite rewarding, especially considering that was how I managed to resolve my own problems through such channels.

🛠️ If you’ve contributed Expectations: what do your Expectations do, and what are some reasons someone would want to use them? Or what are some Expectations you’d like to contribute one day?

I have not contributed an Expectation, but I am certainly looking forward to contributing one in the future.

🏆 What contribution to GX are you most proud of and why?

I was happy to help out in answering some of the questions faced by the users in the community.

What does data quality mean to you?

Only with good and accurate data, stakeholders can have confidence in the KPIs reported, allowing them to make well-informed decisions. Yet, ensuring data quality requires continuous effort, especially as more pipelines are being built, additional data challenges may arise. Therefore, having tools to facilitate this process is advantageous.

Thank you Han for taking the time to speak with us!

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