Get started with GX Cloud by joining our bi-weekly hands on workshop.

Join the fastest-growing data quality community in the world

Connect with thousands of other data practitioners and be part of our mission to develop the shared standard for data quality.

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Get help & help others

With over 11,000 data practitioners worldwide, the GX Discourse forum is the best place to get support from us and others working to maintain data quality at their organizations.

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GX OSS support

The best place to get your GX OSS questions answered.

Connect with peers

Our Slack community is an inclusive space for data practitioners at every level. Talk about the latest news, share your experiences, and make new connections with people worldwide who want to improve data quality and collaboration.

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Share and discuss upcoming events in the data space.

Community meetup

We regularly get together as a community to learn about what’s new and what’s next with GX, watch presentations from our ecosystem partners, and learn tips & strategies for using GX from our very own developer advocates.

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GX Champions

GX Champions are folks who are going above and beyond, contributing their time and expertise to improving the GX community and platform. You can identify them by this special badge in Slack or Discourse.

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Meet the Champions!

Aleksei Chumagin

GX Resources


Whether you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial or ready to dive into detailed material, you’ll find everything you need in our docs.

Become a contributor

Great Expectations wouldn't be as great without the many open source contributions made by data practitioners all over the world. Become one of them by checking out our contribution documentation.

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Our commitment to you

Great Expectations is both a community and a platform with open source and cloud components.

Our commitment to the community: we foster a positive environment where everyone is free from harassment and valued as a full human being.

Our commitment to open source: everything that’s part of GX Open Source will always remain open.

Help us shape the future of data quality

Join thousands of other data practitioners and be part of our mission to develop the shared standard for data quality.

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