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Our community is an inclusive space for data practitioners who want to improve data collaboration. With more than 9,000 data practitioners worldwide who have contributed to over 300 Expectations, our Slack community is the best place to get support from us and others working to maintain data quality at their organizations.

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Thanks and kudos!

Recent contributions

[BUGFIX] - Implementing deep copy of runtime_configuration variable (#6682) (thanks @tmilitino)
[DOCS] - fixed code reference in documentation (#6732) (thanks @tmilitino)
[DOCS] Change prefix reference for tutorial folder/directory (#6751) (thanks @medeirosthiago)
[DOCS] Fix line-links in 4th step's 5th and 6th block (#6752) (thanks @OnkarMadli)
[BUGFIX] Fix observed value (#6759) (thanks @itaise)
[MAINTENANCE] exclude scripts directory from package (#6744) (thanks @cburroughs)
[CONTRIB] Implement Spark backend for several expectations (#6683) (thanks @mkopec87)
[CONTRIB] Improve Spark backend support for contrib query based expectations (#6733) (thanks @mkopec87)
[CONTRIB] Refactor ExpectColumnValuesToBeHexadecimal expectation to be RegexBased (#6734) (thanks @mkopec87)
[CONTRIB] Fix regex based expectations for spark (#6725) (thanks @mkopec87
[FEATURE] Added new expectation: ExpectYesterdayCountComparedToAvgEquivalentDaysOfWeek… (#6622) (thanks @HadasManor)
[BUGFIX] Add connect args to execution engine schema (#6663) (thanks @itaise
[FEATURE] ExpectDaySumToBeCloseToEquivalentWeekDayMean (#6664) (thanks @HadasManor)
[DOCS] - add anonymous_usage_statistics configutation in documentation (#6626) (thanks @tmilitino)
[DOCS] fixing wrong line reference on docs (#6599) (thanks @wagneralbjr)
[DOCS] edit term(data_conext, checkpoints)-link in with airflow (#6646) (thanks @jx2lee)
[MAINTENANCE] expect day count to be close to equivalent week day mean (#6680) (thanks @HadasManor)
[FEATURE] enable mostly for expect_compound_columns_to_be_unique (#6533) (thanks @kimfrie)
[BUGFIX] Return unique list of batch_definitions (#6579) (thanks @tanelk)
[BUGFIX] convert_to_json_serializable does not accept numpy datetime (#6553) (thanks @tmilitino)

Top Slack supporters this month

1. Thiago Militino
2. Adarsha
3. Aleksei Chumagin
4. Amauri
5. Han Siong
6. Veronica Moi
7. Aravind Narayanan
8. Philip Fürste
9. Dimitrios Truchan

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