Ready to cover new ground, Great Expectations gets a new look

We've updated our logo, colors, and website in anticipation of GX's 2023 Cloud launch.

GX Team
December 08, 2022
A white box with the new Great Expectations logo and an orange bow on top, with black, white, and orange decorations in the background

Today we’re unveiling a bold new look for Great Expectations.

Our new logo, new colors, and updated website redefine Great Expectations as a powerful, dynamic product ahead of our Cloud launch in 2023. We’ve also changed our company name to unite our brand under the name of our beloved platform.

The new website is streamlined and easier to navigate, with increased functionality for the Expectations Gallery, integrations, and blog. It’s a better mobile experience and has a cleaner, more engaging design. We hope you’ll find everything you need a lot more easily!

Here’s some more detail.


Weren’t you already Great Expectations?

Kind of. Great Expectations is (and will continue to be) the name of our platform. It’s been by far the most visible facet of the company—which is great!

But ‘Great Expectations’ overshadowed the legal name of the company, Superconductive, to the point where referring to the company by name was often actively confusing to our community members, our partners, and the media.

By uniting the company and the product under one name, we’ll be easier to find and easier to remember. This will be especially important as we work to grow the Great Expectations community and prepare for the launch of our Cloud product in 2023.

What does the new brand mean?

The new logo incorporates the G and X of Great Expectations into a discrete form that invokes a slide puzzle, or Klotski, referencing the interlocking nature of the data quality puzzle.

It’s orange to invoke a spark—of creativity, movement, and change. We looked for something bold and confident in a field awash with dark blue and purple database icons and circuit board iconography.

Where will I see this change?

Everywhere! We especially invite you to poke around our new website—our team has been working hard to take it to the next level. 

How can I abbreviate Great Expectations if I don’t want to type the whole thing out?

GX, please. It will reduce confusion with manufacturing giant General Electric. As always, connect with us on Slack if you have questions about anything Great Expectations.

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