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GX Team
February 21, 2024
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GX Cloud is officially in public preview!

Public preview opens GX Cloud up to members of our community—which, if you’re reading our blog, includes you.

Starting now, you can create a GX Cloud account completely self-service, and immediately start using it with a SQL data source like Snowflake or Postgres.

Tell us what you think

Our community is why GX Cloud even came to be, and we want your feedback before anyone else’s! The good, the bad, and everything in between.

Public preview is a really important intermediate step in GX Cloud’s growth: it lets us gather broader feedback and understand its performance with more use cases.

Your feedback will let us make GX Cloud even stronger before we throw open the doors and tell absolutely everyone about it later this year.

What is GX Cloud?

GX Cloud is a fully hosted and managed SaaS platform for data quality, powered by GX OSS and its Expectations: verifiable, expressive, and extensible tests for your data. 

GX Cloud’s friendly UI makes it quick to set up and get started, and the flexibility of the GX OSS API lets data engineers and developers easily integrate GX Cloud into their existing pipelines and workflows.

Most importantly, GX Cloud fosters close collaboration among technical teams and with nontechnical stakeholders. It lets technical teams spend more time solving problems and less time explaining what they’ve already done.

Within technical teams, GX Cloud and its Expectations unify your team’s processes and tests. Because everyone is using the same language and approach, you can understand each others’ work without the overhead of explanatory meetings or poring over other peoples’ code.

For nontechnical stakeholders, GX Cloud automatically translates tests and results into readable, plain-language forms paired with business-friendly visualizations and clear workflows. Stakeholders can engage with data quality in a way that’s familiar and comfortable without extra work by technical teams.

Public preview FAQ

Who can participate in public preview?

GX Cloud is open for anyone to register for and start using during public preview! We’re promoting public preview exclusively within the GX community.

What data sources does GX Cloud currently support? What additional data sources are you planning?

GX Cloud currently supports Snowflake and Postgres. We’re working on expanding the available data sources in the GX Cloud UI, and researching which ones will be most valuable to our users. If you have feedback about which data sources you’d like to see in GX Cloud, please reach out to our product team:

What does GX Cloud cost?

Through public preview, GX Cloud is free to use; during public preview, we will reveal our paid tier pricing. GX OSS, as it is now, will always be free.

Overall, we expect GX Cloud’s pricing to be very competitive relative to similar SaaS and data quality products. We’re currently conducting further research to identify the structure that will deliver the most value for our users, and we will release paid tier pricing once this research is complete.

If you’re interested in a paid deployment and are willing to talk with us about your needs, scale, and what your budgets look like, please contact

How is my data protected in GX Cloud?

GX Cloud only stores metadata about your test results, never the actual data under test. This metadata is encrypted at rest using AES-256 and in transit using TLS 1.2. We also enforce tenant isolation both in the application and in the database via Postgres Row Level Security (RLS) rules. 

For users, GX Cloud provides user management and RBAC functionality to allow user access to organizations. Within an organization, all users can see the GX objects and associated Validation Results.

Additionally, GX as an organization has obtained our SOC 2 Type II certification; you can see details in the GX trust center

What data can GX Cloud see? Where is it computed?

GX Cloud can see the data in the tables you connect it to. Compute, including the direct connection to Data Sources and the processing of Validations, happens within your environment; GX Cloud does not pull the data under test into the application. 

GX Cloud only stores the test results and metadata needed to display your Validation Results and Data Docs. This metadata is entirely configurable, so you can specify what metadata GX Cloud is or isn’t allowed to retain.

GX as an organization cannot see the data in your tables.

If you have additional questions or want to share your thoughts about GX Cloud, please reach out to us in the GX Discourse!

Click here to sign up for a GX Cloud workshop or join the workshop waitlist.

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