Have confidence in your data,

no matter what

Built on the strength of the fastest-growing data quality community in the world, the Great Expectations platform is revolutionizing data quality and collaboration.

A powerful platform to uphold data quality

A shared understanding of your data

Checkpoints are a transparent, central, and automatable mechanism for testing Expectations and evaluating your data quality. Everyone stays on the same page about Checkpoint results with GX’s inspectable, shareable, and human-readable Data Docs.

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Accelerate your data discovery

Get insight into your data faster. With automated data profiling from GX’s Data Assistants, you can move quickly to get eyes everywhere you need them and obtain critical perspectives on your data’s state.

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Seamless fit with your existing data stack

Fold GX into the way you work today, no reengineering required: create and manage access with Data Sources, integrate with your CI/CD pipelines, and use custom Expectations to describe your unique understanding of your data and its purpose.

Essential security & governance

Never sacrifice security for better data understanding. GX comes to you: your data is processed in place, on your systems, so your security and governance procedures can maintain control at all times.

Ready to jump into GX Open Source?

pip install great_expectations

Then check out our Quickstart documentation.

Expectations: your key to data quality

Expectations offer unparalleled flexibility and control when creating your data quality tests. And in collaborative environments, their auto-updating documentation does all the work of making sure everyone's on the same page about your test suites and results.

Extensible and flexible

GX works with the tools you know and love.

Make your data work for you

Maintaining data quality doesn’t have to be hard. Get started with Great Expectations today and see value in minutes.

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