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Seamless operation

GX fits into your existing tech stack, and can integrate with your CI/CD pipelines to add data quality exactly where you need it. It creates a single source of truth—universally accessible through both the code and the UI—so you can focus on honing your Expectation Suites to perfectly meet your data quality needs.

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Start fast

Get useful results quickly even for large data volumes. GX’s Data Assistants provide curated Expectations for different domains, so you can accelerate your data discovery to rapidly deploy data quality throughout your pipelines. Cloud sharing of your auto-generated Data Docs makes it easy to collaborate around your always-up-to-date documentation.

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Unified understanding

Expectations are the workhorse abstraction of GX: each Expectation declares an expected state of the data. The Expectation library provides a flexible, extensible vocabulary for data quality—one that’s human-readable, meaningful for technical and nontechnical users alike. Bundled into Expectation Suites, Expectations are the ideal tool for characterizing exactly what you expect from your data.

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Secure and transparent

GX data quality is preconfigured for security: it processes your data in place, on your systems. Your data never leaves your infrastructure. Plus, you can choose exactly what metadata appears in the GX Cloud GUI, maintaining complete control over your data’s visibility.

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Data contract support

Use Checkpoints to codify your data contract's description of what the data should be, with each run verifying whether the contract is being upheld. A Checkpoint's human-readable Data Docs makes the Checkpoint's results accessible to data developers and nontechnical professionals alike. You can also configure the Checkpoint to take Actions based on the results, allowing you to enforce your data contract using automation.

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Readable for collaboration

Everyone stays on the same page about your data quality with GX’s inspectable, shareable, and human-readable Data Docs. Cloud displays all of your results in a rich UI that provides users throughout the organization with the information that they need to take action and make decisions.

End-to-end security

You can run the GX platform in line with your existing security protocol and compliance norms. On top of its in-place data processing, GX Cloud offers comprehensive security controls like role-based access management, end-to-end encryption, and more. Learn more about GX Cloud’s security controls and features.

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  • Are there requirements to use GX Cloud?

    Do you have data quality issues? Requirements met! Click here to sign up for the GX Cloud Beta.

  • Can I use GX Cloud if I’m not already using GX?

    Yes! Come one, come all!

  • What if I already have an existing GX deployment?

    GX Cloud is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing deployments of GX Open Source. Regardless of where your configs and stores are located, the DataContext is the starting point for access to all of GX’s resources.

    To use GX Cloud, simply upgrade to the latest version of GX, configure your GX Cloud credentials, and run the same notebooks or Python scripts you’ve been using locally. For teams using older versions of GX, we’ll be happy to help with your migration—please contact sales@greatexpectations.io.

  • When should I use GX Open Source vs GX Cloud?

    GX Open Source is the right choice if you want to BYOdB, have esoteric infrastructure requirements like air gap, or straight up can’t use cloud-hosted SaaS. It’s also the go-to option if your entire data quality team is highly technical and prefers programmatic tools, and/or if your collaboration and data access management needs are already fully being met.

    If none of the above apply to you, opt for GX Cloud!

  • Will you continue to support GX Open Source?

    Yes, of course. Our commitment to open source remains the same: everything that is part of GX Open Source will always remain open. We will continue to develop and support both the open source library and the vibrant community around it. We will continue to seek and integrate input from the data community as we develop the Great Expectations roadmap.

  • Is GX Cloud secure?

    Yes! We’ve designed the GX Cloud platform with security at the forefront. There’s user management and authentication every step of the way, with access controls for larger teams. GX Cloud doesn’t directly access your raw data and gives you complete control over its stored metadata.

    You can see our security and architecture FAQ for more details. For information about compliance with other standards such as HIPAA, please contact sales@greatexpectations.io.

  • Does GX Cloud store my data?

    No. GX Cloud’s data processing typically happens natively within your existing infrastructure, so Cloud only stores metadata about your data quality. Since the line between data and metadata can be blurry, and some metadata is sensitive in itself, GX Cloud additionally gives you full control over which metadata is sent and stored by the server.

  • How much does GX Cloud cost?

    The GX Cloud Beta is free! After the Cloud public release, all users will be able to choose between a free tier and a paid version. We’re still working through the details on pricing—stay tuned.

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