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With GX Cloud, you can:

  • Catch bad data before stakeholders see it downstream

  • Create data quality tests that deliver the specifics you’re looking for

  • Take control of your data quality with a platform by data engineers, for data engineers

GX Cloud is a fully managed SaaS solution that’s easy to set up, quick to deliver results, and makes collaboration with stakeholders painless. In other words: it has all the data quality capabilities of GX OSS plus added features to support your overall data quality testing infrastructure.

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Sign up for GX Cloud and begin validating your Snowflake and Postgres data in minutes.

During public preview, we’ve opened up GX Cloud to everyone in our community. You can create an account completely self-service and immediately begin validating your data.

Stay tuned for updates as we work toward making GX Cloud generally available!

Plans & pricing

We recently released GX Cloud’s plan tiers! You can learn more about our free developer tier, as well as our paid team and enterprise options, on our pricing page.

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To learn more about GX Cloud, visit our website or the GX Cloud documentation.

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