A sneak peek of GX Cloud's public preview

What we’re planning for the community event and Snowflake workshops

Erin Kapp
February 01, 2024
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GX Cloud’s public preview debut is just three weeks away! This blog gives you a look ahead at what you can expect to see in the community event and the Snowflake workshops.

Community event: February 21 (12pm ET/9am PT)

Here’s what we have on tap for the community event on Wednesday 2/21—if you haven’t already registered, click here to join!

Welcome and agenda: Mollie Pettit (senior community manager)

Mollie will open the event, introduce the presenters, and explain how you can engage with GX throughout the event (and after!).

Why we created GX Cloud: Abe Gong (CEO)

Abe plans to talk about the fundamental problems we saw recurring in the data quality space which ultimately led us to create GX Cloud to solve them.

Live demo of GX Cloud: Haebichan Jung and Rachel House (senior developer advocates)

Haebichan and Rachel will give a live demo showing off GX Cloud and how it can solve key problems for data teams.

GX Cloud product roadmap: Hernan Alvarez (VP of product)

Hernan will share a look into GX Cloud’s future: the current work we’re prioritizing, and what you can expect to see coming next.

Audience Q&A: all presenters 

Your questions, answered! All our GX presenters (and maybe more) will be on hand for a live Q&A session with the community—you’ll be able to send in your questions during the event.

Snowflake workshop: February 22 & 23 (12pm ET/9am PT)

The Snowflake + GX Cloud workshops on Thursday/Friday February 22/23 are now full, but we’re working on bringing you more: join the workshop waitlist to get first chance at signing up.

If you’ve already registered for the 2/22 or 2/23 workshop, here’s what we have planned! 


We’ll take a few moments to check in and make sure everyone has what they need to participate in the main workshop: a GX Cloud account, Docker Desktop, and your GX-provided test Snowflake account.

How GX works

We’re going behind the curtain with a quick exploration of how GX Cloud fits into your data stack.

Main workshop

Our developer advocates will guide you through connecting your first Snowflake table to GX Cloud all the way to getting your first Validation Results!


The title says it all. We’ll be collecting questions throughout the workshop in the Zoom chat, so you can ask questions as soon as you think of them.

Optional: office hours

Once Q&A wraps up, you’re officially ready to connect your own Snowflake to GX Cloud! GX developer advocates will stay online afterward for office hours, during which they’ll be available to answer questions as you connect your own Snowflake tables. Check your email for the required credentials and information you need.

How’s it looking?

We’ve shared a few previews of GX Cloud at community meetups, and our engineering team is making updates every day! Here’s what it looks like right now.

Data quality results are accessible at a glance, with details about each run in situ.

run detail hover

Collapsible views let you can focus on the results you care about most.

collapsible chart view

Changes in your tests over time are reflected directly in your visualizations…

Expectation parameter change

…and in a complete changelog, giving you visibility into how and when your Expectations have been modified over time (and into who made those modifications).

Expectation changelog preview

Metrics support data exploration and Expectation creation.


And date-based batch validation is super easy.

Batch to validate

We’re so excited for public preview, and we hope you are too! If you haven’t signed up to join us yet, you can do that here. See you on February 21!

Note: The agendas, speakers, and screenshots described or provided here are subject to change.

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