Celebrating the 2022 GX community

As we enter 2023, we're taking a moment to acknowledge our most active contributors and supporters from the past year.

Kyle Eaton
December 28, 2022
Kyle Eaton
December 28, 2022
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As we approach the New Year, we’re celebrating Great Expectations’ thriving open source community—especially our GitHub contributors and Slack helpers. (📸: Ray Hennessy via Unsplash)

As we look back at 2022, one of the things that we really want to celebrate at GX is our open source community.

We give kudos to our supporters every month in the community meetup, but I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our most active contributors and supporters over the course of the entire year.

GitHub contributors

Great Expectations has been open source under the Apache 2.0 license since 2019. In that time, there have been 320 contributors to the project on GitHub!

The most prolific contributors are, for obvious reasons, GX employees. But community members regularly contribute bug fixes and new features. We call out these contributors in the release announcements on our Slack channel, and to restate it here: we appreciate each and every one of you.

We’d like to give a special shout-out to the 10 members who have done 5 or more pull requests in the last year:

  • Itai Sevitt

  • Steven Secreti

  • Bogdan Volodarskiy

  • Andy Jessen

  • Peter J Dobson

  • Mohamed Mohey

  • Luis Diaz

  • Derek Martin

  • Lin Yuan

  • Péter Szécsi 

You can find our GitHub community here: check out the GX project or join in one of the ongoing data quality discussions.

Slack helpers

Our Slack community launched in May 2019 and has 9,100 members—and counting! 3,412 of those members joined in 2022.

The GX team is active on Slack, but community members do a lot to help each other, too.

We want to give extra kudos to the 20 community members who have been most active in answering questions this past year:

  • Veronica Moi

  • Aleksei Chumagin

  • Kiril Scherbach

  • Shantanu Kumar

  • John Schwegler

  • Bogdan Volodarskiy

  • Mike Robins

  • Reckoningg

  • Itai Sevitt

  • Visual Dad

  • Jeffrey Quinn

  • Aidan F

  • Adarsha

  • Polina

  • David Maxson

  • Daniel Ene

  • Tom Preece

  • Syrine Mhedhbi

  • Daniel Barrundia Gonzalez

  • Walid Slim

Join the community here! We welcome all data practitioners who are interested in improving the quality of their data, no matter your level of experience.

GX users

We also want to take a minute to thank everyone who’s downloaded Great Expectations, whether or not they’ve interacted with us in Github, Slack, or any other channel.

According to pypi, we’ve grown from around 80,000 daily downloads at the beginning of the year to more like 225,000 downloads/day recently. These numbers really add up—we had 6,749,305 total downloads last month.

We are thrilled that GX is out there improving data quality in so many places and continuing to reach new people.

You can get GX for yourself here, and use our tutorial to get started quickly.

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