Community contributor interview: Thiago Militino

Learn more about the contributors & community members who help make Great Expectations what it is! Featuring: Thiago Militino.

Erin Kapp
February 21, 2023
Erin Kapp
February 21, 2023
Community contributor interview cover card for Thiago Militino

We appreciate each and every one of the many talented people who have contributed to Great Expectations' open source project and participated in our Slack community—9,000 members and growing!

Today, we’re profiling Thiago Militino.

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Intro & icebreakers

❓What’s your current role and organization? What are you working on?

Senior Data Engineer at Passei Direto / Studenta. I'm currently working on implementing some data quality checks with Great Expectations.

🍕 What's your favorite pizza topping?

My favorite topping is pepperoni. 

🎲 What's your favorite board or video game?

I like to play games like CS:GO and Zelda.

⚫⚪ Light mode or dark mode?

Dark mode


🔎 How did you discover Great Expectations? What did you do with it first?

When I started working at Passei Direto, we had a task to do a POC with GX. The first thing I did was the introductory tutorial and understanding the main concepts of GX like Data Context, Checkpoint, Expectation Suite, etc.

🌱 What are some things you find rewarding about participating in the open source community and contributing to open source projects? 

The opportunity to contribute to something bigger that helps so many other people, plus the knowledge you gain from sharing your work.

🧡 What do you enjoy about contributing to GX and participating in the GX community specifically?

I believe that I will learn more by contributing to the GX community, and I think GX is an excellent tool because it does exactly what it is intended to do.

💻 What do you use Great Expectations for? 

I use it in my work to validate some tables, and used it in my final work postgraduate course, where I compared the functionality of Great Expectations with other open source tools such as Soda, Deequ, and ydata-quality.

💬 What moved you to start participating in the GX Slack?

To get support and see how others are using GX.

🛠️ If you’ve contributed Expectations: what do your Expectations do, and what are some reasons someone would want to use them?

I haven't contributed an Expectation yet, but would like to create Expectations to look at previous row counts inside metric_store and do moving averages.

🏆 What contribution to GX are you most proud of and why?

My first PR, because it was the solution I found for a problem when I was implementing GX, and having debugged until I found the problem helped me to better understand how GX works and propose a solution.

✅ What does data quality mean to you?

I believe it is a set of processes that help to ensure that the data is available when consulted, that it is correct and validated, that there is documentation to help understand the business rules, in addition to supporting the resolution of incidents. This is all part of choosing the tools that best suit this process.

Thank you Thiago for taking the time to speak with us!

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