Community Roundup: January 2022

This roundup includes, information about our upgrades to our documentation and a demo of Great Expectations, Airflow and Astronomer

Kyle Eaton
January 26, 2022
Kyle Eaton
January 26, 2022
great expectation community event cover with airflow and astronomer

Thanks to everyone who joined our Community Meetup this month! If you missed the event this time, Sign up here to join the next one!

Before getting into the rundown, we announced that we're adding Expectation packages for specific domains and a hackathon focusing on developing some select packages in February (official hackathon announcement coming in a few weeks). We would love to hear from the community which Expectation packages you would like to see, please suggest a package here

Enjoy the rundown below.

Community Metrics and Product Roadmap Update

What we covered

  • Promote V3 API (BatchRequest) to primary (done)

  • Improve docs, esp. onboarding, and core skills/concepts

  • Streamline ecosystem partnerships + deployment patterns

  • Release V3 docs for custom Expectations

  • Launch and iterate on Expectation Gallery

Documentation Updates

View Getting Started Documentation

We've been listening to the Great Expectations community and it is clear that we need to improve our documentation. We are finally showing some serious results in our efforts, starting with the Getting Started documentation. In this video, Rachel explains what we've improved and what we are in the process of improving.

Community Spotlight: Airflow Great Expectations Operator with Benjamin Lampel from Astronomer

In this video, Benjamin Lampel goes over the improvements to the Great Expectations Airflow operator how to use Great Expectations in an Airflow DAG to perform data quality checks.

Documentation for How to Use Great Expectations with Airflow

To learn more about Adding Data Quality to DAGs ft. Great Expectations we highly recommend this blog from the Astronomer team:

Additional Updates

Thanks to everyone who joined the community event. Can't wait to see you all at the next one! If you are interested in demoing anything Great Expectations related or want us to feature your data quality content please DM me on our Slack

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