Community Roundup: June 2022

The Community Round up featuring Brian Olsen from Trino, Onboarding Assistants, the Product Roadmap and Community conversations

Cosette Cressler
June 24, 2022
Cosette Cressler
June 24, 2022
Cover image for the June 2022 community event

We get the community together on the third Tuesday of every month. At each meetup, we discuss the Great Expectations Roadmap, watch ecosystem integration demos, and explore different ways data leaders have implemented Great Expectations. Sign up here to join the next one! 

Now, let's dive into the roundup.

Roadmap Update

We covered:

  • Upcoming launches 

  • How we’re creating a seamless integration with Great Expectations Cloud

  • The v16 release (Fall 2022)

  • And more!

Feature Demo

For June’s feature demo, Alex Sherstinsky walked us through how to use the Great Expectations Onboarding Assistant to Profile your data and automate the generation of an Expectation Suite.


This is just one example of how the Onboarding Assistant makes GX easy to use in all scenarios.

Questions? Feedback? Jump into our Slack channel. 

Community Spotlight

This month the spotlight was on Trino, and we were joined by Brian Olsen—one of their developer advocates.

Brian introduced Trino, a distributed SQL query engine, and explored how Great Expectations and Trino work together—highlighting the necessity of GX to validate federated state.


Join the Conversation

Whether you’re a fledgling data practitioner or a seasoned data expert, our community welcomes you! Here are some conversations happening now: 

Additional Updates

  • Next month we will be hosting Secoda during our community event on Tuesday, July 19 12:00 – 1:00 pm (EDT). Get the invite here.

  • We’re hiring! Check out our open roles

  • We closed the #beginners channel in slack in favor of only using #support for questions to help streamline our support questions. 

  • We're often asked if Data Governance is the same as Data Quality. Here's our answer

Have you done something cool with Great Expectations that you'd like to share? If you're interested in demoing or have a piece of data quality content that you'd like us to feature, DM me on our Slack.

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