Community Roundup: March 2022

March's community meetup included a demo of Self-Initializing Expectations, a look at our new integration with DataHub, and more.

Cosette Cressler
March 17, 2022
Cosette Cressler
March 17, 2022
great expectation community event cover with DataHub

We get the community together on the third Tuesday of every month. At each meetup, we discuss the Great Expectations Roadmap, watch ecosystem integration demos, and explore different ways data leaders have implemented Great Expectations. Sign up here to join the next one! 

Now, let's dive into the roundup.

Roadmap Update

We covered:

  • Profilers

  • Data Assistants

  • Investments in documentation: Glossary and technical terms

  • v0.15 release: Introduces standards for identifying & removing deprecated code

  • Dropping support for Python 3.6

  • And more!

Feature Demo

For March’s feature demo, Alex Sherstinsky walked us through a new Great Expectations capability: Self-Initializing Expectations. Check out the video:

Questions? Feedback? Jump into our Slack channel.

Community Spotlight

This month the spotlight was on DataHub.

Maggie Hays and John Joyce introduced us to DataHub, an extensible metadata platform that enables data discovery, data observability, and federated governance within the Modern Data Stack. Then, they walked us through the newly implemented Great Expectations <> DataHub integration.

See what they had to say about bringing the tools together and where they think this integration will go in the future:

View Slides here

Upcoming Events

  • We’re presenting at Data Council on March 23rd. Get 20% off your tickets with the code GreatExpect20.

  • Also at Data council, we’re co-hosting a happy hour with Atlan. We’ve lined up a large boat for the evening, but spots are limited! Sign up here.

  • We're hosting a special webinar on March 29 to dive into the newly improved Prefect integration. Sign up here.

Join the Conversation

Whether you’re a fledgling data practitioner or a seasoned data expert, our community welcomes you! Here are some conversations happening now: 

Additional Updates

Have you done something cool with Great Expectations that you'd like to share? If you're interested in demoing or have a piece of data quality content that you'd like us to feature, DM Kyle Eaton on our Slack.

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