Community Meetup Roundup: 2021-10

This roundup includes, current roadmap, debut of the Expectations Gallery and a demo from the Flyte Team!

First off I'd like to thank everyone who joined our Community meetup, got a first look at the Expectation Gallery and gave some excellent ideas on the direction of Great Expectations. If you missed the event this time, Sign up here to join the next one! Enjoy the rundown below.

Roadmap update

I forgot to press record :facepalm:. Here's the next best thing... the slides:

Expectation Gallery

We were a little crunched for time resulting in an abbreviated demo of the Expectation Gallery. I decided it would be best to create a more thorough (and edited) demo of the gallery. Enjoy.

For those that would rather read:

We have a few goals for the Expectation Gallery:

  1. Support discovery as the library of Expectations grows
  2. Celebrate and give credit to contributors
  3. Focus community attention where it’s most needed by surfacing opportunities to contribute
  4. We want Great Expectations to be the shared standard for data quality that is accessible to all, this is a big step in that direction with more to come on that mission.

Flyte Demo

We had some internet issues during Ketan's introduction to Flyte but he gives some great insights into why Flyte should exist after the demo that's definitely worth checking out. Thanks so much to Ketan and Samhita for the demo.

More about Flyte:

Thanks to everyone who joined the community event. Can't wait to see you all at the next one! If you are interested in demoing anything Great Expectations related please DM me on our Slack

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