Community Meetup Roundup: 2021-12

This roundup includes, information about v3 becoming the default and the first look at the Deepnote Great Expectations demo.

Thanks to everyone who joined our Community Meetup this month! If you missed the event this time, Sign up here to join the next one!

Before getting into the rundown, we announced that we're adding Expectation packages for specific domains and a hackathon focusing on developing some select packages in January (official hackathon announcement coming in mid-January). We would love to hear from the community which Expectation packages you would like to see, please make a suggestion for a package here

Enjoy the rundown below.

Batch Request API (v3): The New Standard Deployment Pattern for Great Expectations

Access Slides here

Our blog about the v3 cutover

We are promoting the v3 or Batch Request API to be the default API for interacting with Datasources in Great Expectations and this presentation is about just that! Spencer runs through the big changes that are happening now and in the future as v3 becomes the default version of Great Expectations.

Community Spotlight: Deepnote x Great Expectations Integration with Allan Campopiano

This presentation is an initial look into the Deepnote Great Expection experience. We are really excited about how streamlined of a user experience this is and can't wait to hear feedback from our shared community.

Check out the notebook from this demo here

Feel free to ask more about this integration in our community and Deepnote's community.

Additionial Updates

Thanks to everyone who joined the community event. Can't wait to see you all at the next one! If you are interested in demoing anything Great Expectations related or want us to feature your data quality content please DM me on our Slack

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