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Great Expectations
August 11, 2021
Great Expectations
August 11, 2021

Great Expectations v3 API, Docs, and You!

Hi there! I’m Spencer, a Product Manager with Superconductive 👋

We’ve been hard at work the last few months on a few things we think you all will be quite excited about! While we’re not ready to go into a bunch of detail right now, there are a few things we’re ready to share.

What’s happening?

Docs, Docs, Docs

We know that while many of you love our docs, so many more find our documentation frustrating and confusing to navigate. We also recognized the need for updated documentation that reflects Great Expectations v3 API functionality.

So, what does that mean?

We released new docs, and that’s mostly what this post is about!

##Let’s talk Docs! The new Docs are live here:

What changed?

Great question!

Updated Docs for v3 Releasing v3 docs was the first step towards fully releasing the v3 API.

If you’re still using v2, don’t worry. Those docs are still live, just with a new home here! There are still some docs missing, as we are still in the process of updating the v3 API to full feature parity with v2, so new docs will be added in as we go.

New Docs Site, Same Great Docs Name We have fully transitioned to Docusaurus and Algolia for the new Docs, which should make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for.

Search is currently being enabled and should be fully functional sometime in the few days.

New Users Begin with the Getting Started Tutorial Now the Tutorial is easier to read, and you’re able to get to the content much more quickly.

Also, all code displayed in the Tutorial is fully integration tested here and is linked in the Docs. This means that you can follow the Tutorial by copy & pasting the code directly into your system environment!

Better Guide Organization Before it was a not always clear which order the how-to-guides needed to be followed. For example, it was Configuring Data Contexts, Configuring Datasources ... and it wasn’t clear what each “step” accomplished.

Now the guides follow the order in which a user will typically use Great Expectations

  • Setting up Great Expectations
  • Connecting to your data
  • Creating and Editing Expectations
  • Validating your Data

There is also now a better distinction made between a “guide” and a “core skill”

  • a “guide” helps the user set up Great Expectations (like connecting to a database), and the steps will only be followed once or twice
  • a “core” skill helps the user “use” Great Expectations (like creating a Batch), and the steps will likely be followed many times.

Better Organization of Content Within Guides There are also a few sections that we made easier to read.

We have split up the different ways of setting up the environment into tabs

  • CLI + Filesystem
  • no CLI + Filesystem
  • no CLI + no Filesystem

We have also split up the different ways of setting up the configuration into tabs

  • YAML

Scripts are now available as link at the end of how-to-guides.

And, core skills are linked as next steps.


We hope you’re as excited for this as we are. Please share thoughts, feedback, concerns, or excitement about this! We’d love to hear what you think!

But Spencer, didn’t you mention v3?

Ah, nothing gets past you

Great Expectations v3 API Becomes the New Standard

That’s right, you heard that correctly folks. The moment you’ve all been waiting for is nearly here! Great Expectations’ v3 API will become the new standard on August 25th 💥

We know you have questions about this, and don’t worry, more info will come out in the coming weeks.

See you all then!

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