Webinar 0.13.0 New Features: Modular Expectations Jan 21 @ 2:00pm ET

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🧠 0.13.0 New Features Webinar: New Capabilities in New-Style Data Sources 🕒 Thursday, January 21th @ 2:00pm US Eastern Time

With our biggest release yet in 0.13 officially out in the wild, we bring you the 2nd webinar showcasing the new features and improvements of the milestone release!

In this session, James Campbell will dive into the new Great Expectations Modular Expectations API, covering all the new features and capabilities it enables, including:

  • How Great Expectations uses modular Expectations to build a metric dependency graph and validate Expectations on data.
  • How to build new MetricProviders or add support for additional Execution Engines (backends).
  • How you can use the new API to rapidly create custom Expectations from scratch or by simply changing characteristics of existing Expectations.

After the demo, there will be plenty of time for a Q&A with James and other core Great Expectations engineering team.

If you’d like to attend the webinar please sign up here 👇
0.13.0 New Features Webinar: New Capabilities in New-Style Data Sources
Or you can’t make the event but want to receive the recording or want to get notified for future events you can also use the same link 👆

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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