New Digs; New Energy

That’s right, Great Expectations has a new website!!!

Great Expectations
June 14, 2019
Great Expectations
June 14, 2019

Perceptive members of the public have already noticed that the Great Expectations v0.6 release (Spark!) was not announced from medium, but from this site——right here.

That’s right, Great Expectations has a new website!

We’ve also opened our Slack channel to the public. Click here to jump in!

We’re in the process of making some big improvements to the Great Expectations documentation, adding more tutorials, best practices, and videos.

A large chunk of this new content will be linked to an upcoming release that provides sensible defaults and patterns for deploying Great Expectations into real, live, production-grade projects.

Look for a beta version of that release by June 10, because, yes, we’re also cranking up our release cadence.

New digs. New energy.

Why new energy?

All last year, Great Expectations gained momentum organically, without a lot of care and feeding on our part.


Vanity, thy name is metrics

We kept hearing awesome stories from GE users. Contributions kept coming in at a steady clip. We got frequent shout outs from other data teams and OS projects.

During that period, core contributors James and Abe were both at different companies, treating Great Expectations as a useful sideline to our day jobs.

As of February, we’re both at the same company (Superconductive), along with Rob, Eugene, Taylor, and Alex. We’ve decided to make development of Great Expectations one of our top priorities.

The concept of pipeline testing to kill pipeline debt clearly has wheels—we’re very excited to add an engine and see where it goes.

How can I help?

Feature requests and bug fix tickets are always appreciated.

OS contributions are great, too. If you see an issue that you can address, we’re always happy to discuss on slack and review PRs.

(This is where the whole Spark release came from. Huge props to Christian for seizing the initiative, working with James over the course of several months, and making a GIANT addition to the GE ecosystem.)

If you happen to run an OS project, bootcamp, or podcast, we’d love to sync up on potential partnerships. We’re already in talks with the teams at Data Council, Marquez, and Dagster teams about ways that Great Expectations can meaningfully contribute to their roadmaps.

We’re also doing deep interviews with data teams, to understand where the practice of pipeline testing is going. It’s exciting to see new best practices around CI/CD, testing, and documentation gaining momentum across the industry and we’re eager to bring them together for general consumption. If you’re open to sharing your true, innermost feelings about gritty data workflows, please hit us up on Slack.

Last but not least, Superconductive pays the bills as a data consulting company. For obvious reasons, we’re particularly keen to do work that can lead back to more open source improvements for Great Expectations. We welcome leads or referrals for this kind of work.

That’s it for now. Don’t be a stranger!

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