Revamping Great Expectations’ Documentation

In our efforts to fully support v3, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve rebuilt the Great Expectations documentation

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve rebuilt the Great Expectations documentation: improved organization, fully searchable, easily testable, and a much better development experience for our highly appreciated contributors.

screenshot of our new documentation

Unified Map: New Table of Contents

Software like Great Expectations necessarily has multiple moving parts, corresponding to the development lifecycle of using the tool.

We’ve restructured the documentation to be segmented into four distinct steps: set up, connecting data, creating Expectations, then validating.

Flow chart: Setting up Great Expectations to Connecting Your Data to Creating Expectations to Running Validations

Each step maps to a specific part of development, with the new documentation guiding you through the workflow of integrating Great Expectations into your stack. If you’ve got all four, you have a working test infrastructure.

As we iterate the product and documentation, we want to make onboarding as easy as possible. This is how we view the world, but want to hear from our users.

Let us know about your onboarding experience, or how you navigate through the new documentation.

Our Community: Development Experience and Integration Tests Previously with Sphinx, there was little opportunity for incremental feedback on documentation with builds lasting several minutes.

Introducing Docusaurus: an optimized site built off of React, optimized for contributors with features like hot reloading. Furthermore, the Netlify integration allows the documentation to render upon submitting a PR.

screenshot of the netlfy github action with preview capabilities

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