Shaping an evolving space: why Mai Irie joined GX

Meet GX’s newest senior engineering manager!

Erin Kapp
January 30, 2024
Welcome card with Mai Irie's headshot, title, and the GX logo

We’re thrilled to welcome Mai Irie to Great Expectations as a senior engineering manager!

As our engineering teams go full steam ahead with GX 1.0 and GX Cloud in 2024, Mai’s experience as an engineering manager will be invaluable in ensuring our engineers can do their best work.

Mai joined GX in late 2023. Prior to that, she led engineering teams at Forem, Spring Health, and It’s at DoSomething that she first encountered GX.

“One of my previous teams was really excited about GX OSS!” she said. “When I saw there was an open role at GX, I jumped at the opportunity to apply.”

One thing that Mai finds especially exciting about data quality is the ripple effect that it has throughout organizations—something she has direct experience with as not only an engineering manager, but as a software architect and developer herself.

“Every company I’ve worked for has relied on various types of data to shape strategy and best serve users,” she said. “It can certainly negatively impact strategy and product decisions when there’s reduced confidence in the data, or shifts are identified many months later.”

As she leads the team that’s focused on the data validation experience in GX Cloud, Mai is enjoying the opportunity to work in a dynamic industry.

“The data space is evolving so quickly, with so much to learn about as well as shape and impact,” Mai said. “There’s a great leadership team at GX, and the engineers here are amazingly smart, humble, and kind. It’s a wonderful culture with lots of collaboration and I’m looking forward to learning and growing with the company and with GX Cloud.”

Mai is based in Brooklyn, NY, where she uses light mode. When not at work, she can usually be found keeping up with her kindergartener’s busy school and social calendar. She also enjoys biking, mushroom foraging, and cooking.

P.S. Mai is hiring a senior software engineer to join her team: click here to learn more about the role and apply!

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