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Watch the video from our first community show and tell!

Great Expectations
October 09, 2020

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our first Community Show and Tell! Since this one went so well want to keep this going and continue to do more show and tells. If you're interested in presenting you can let us know here: Show and Tell Presentation Interest

(0:01:41) Joost and Madelon from the Heineken Advanced Analytics team presented how they integrated Great Expectations into their marketing analysis product workflow. They built a tool where regional offices can upload custom datasets as input for a machine learning model. As these are manual uploads by end-users, it's crucial that they do rigorous data quality checks on the upload to make sure the pipeline doesn't break.

(0:23:50) Taylor from Great Expectations presented his collaboration with Hamel from GitHub showing off the new GitHub Action for Great Expectations aka “CI/CD for data.” Read more about it here

(0:40:28) Max Gasner from the Dagster presented their awesome integration of Great Expectations validation that renders right into Dagster’s graphical frontend dagit's UI. This allows you to create a simple Dagster solid (a node in the DAG), in which you can create a Great Expectations data context, get a batch of data, and run validation in just a few lines of code, as well as inspect the validation results directly in the dagit UI. Read more about it here.

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