What's new in GX: April 2023

New and updated Expectations, a bunch of Batch-related features, continued work on SQLAlchemy 2.0 and Fluent Datasources, and more

Erin Kapp
May 05, 2023
Erin Kapp
May 05, 2023
A red-throated loon in winter plumage is being set into the water by a pair of hands
Get the scoop on everything GX that was released into the wild last month. Also released into the wild: this red-throated loon. (📸: Jonathan L Fiely, USGS, 2000)

Great taste: new and updated Expectations

The streak continue! Three community members contributed new or updated Expectations in April (and a little bit of March).


  • [CONTRIB] - Add new column expectation not be null and empty (#7449) (thanks @tmilitino)

  • [CONTRIB] Added Expect Column Datetime Difference in Months (#7576) (thanks @tb102122)

  • [CONTRIB] Expect Column Values to be Valid UUID - Added SqlAlchemyExecutionEngine support (#7592) (thanks @asafla)

  • [DOCS] Improve expect_column_values_to_be_of_type docstring (#7632)

Only the freshest: Batch-related updates

GX’s Batch capabilities just keep rising.



    for all fluent
    s (#7392)

  • [FEATURE] Add batch metadata to sql datasources. (#7499)

  • [FEATURE] Fluent

    DataAsset batch_metadata
    config variables (#7513)

  • [FEATURE] Add batch metadata to spark add_*_asset methods (#7534)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Deprecate TableExpectation in favor of BatchExpectation (#7610)

Bubbling up: more SQLAlchemy 2.0 work

We recommend using SQLAlchemy 1.4 until work on full support for 2.0 is complete.


  • [DOCS] Postgresql drivername fix for SQLAlchemy compatibility. Closes #7464 (#7466) (thanks @Itzblend)

  • [MAINTENANCE] SqlAlchemy2 Compatibility -


  • [MAINTENANCE] SqlAlchemy 2 Compatibility - Autoload Parameter deprecation (#7526)

Get in the flow: Fluent Datasources

The work on Fluent Datasources continues!

Go with it:

  • [FEATURE] Cloud support FDS deletes (#7682)

  • [FEATURE] Implementing Fluent Datasources Support for Checkpoint (#7697)

  • [FEATURE] FDS persist

    to YAML file immediately on creation (#7705)

  • [DOCS] Updating cross-table comparison guide with Fluent Datasources (#7691)

  • [DOCS] Add fluent docs and test create and edit expectations with profiler (#7696)

  • [DOCS] FDS Deployment Pattern - AWS S3 Pandas (#7718)

  • [BUGFIX] Fluent Datasource load from config fixes for remaining Pandas Datasources (#7442)

  • [BUGFIX] Data Context Datasource CRUD support for Fluent Datasources (#7660)

  • [MAINTENANCE] FluentDatasources - Quickstart Snippets converted to Named Snippets (#7550)

  • [MAINTENANCE] list_datasources should return FDS configs as well (#7667)

  • [MAINTENANCE] add warning messages when using CLI to edit an expectaiton suite if fluent datasources are present (#7714)

  • [MAINTENANCE] FDS Deployment Guide - Pandas S3 fix reference (#7755)

Sprucing things up: other new features

  • [FEATURE] Add package, contributors and metrics filter in Algolia script for expectation (#7000) (thanks @kod-er)

  • [FEATURE] Introducing CapitalOne DataProfilerColumnDomainBuilder as well as multiple improvements to CapitalOne codebase and testability. (#7498)

  • [FEATURE] Added AssumeRole Feature (#7547)

  • [FEATURE] Persist Cloud DataAssets on creation (#7748)

New chapters: documentation updates

  • [DOCS] New ADR proposal for patch version support (#7451)

  • [DOCS] Adds guides on using Ephemeral Data Contexts and updates Quickstart Next Steps (#7500)

  • [DOCS] Add GX Cloud Onboarding Script (#7517)

  • [DOCS] removes outdated v2/v3 references from the docs (#7519)

  • [DOCS] Quickstart code under test (#7542)

  • [DOCS] Fix code snippets for earlier versions (#7554)

  • [DOCS] Added IAM user and IAM assume role doc (#7634) (thanks @Reactor11)

  • [DOCS] Add lakeFS to list of data version control tools (#7642) (thanks @rmoff)

Pest control: other bug fixes

  • [BUGFIX] Skip dialect specific tests if no flag passed or flag not available (#7443)

  • [BUGFIX] Repair SparkSession initialization behavior to disallow restarting, unless explicitly instructed through configuration (#7444)

  • [BUGFIX] Fix issue running quickstart (#7539)

  • [BUGFIX] Render prescriptive

    s with evaluation parameters inline (#7552)

  • [BUGFIX] fix rendering data asset name in microsoft teams notification (#7675)

  • [BUGFIX] Render Correct Fonts in Data Assistant Plot graphs (#7676)

  • [BUGFIX] Add missing pyspark reference (#7684) (thanks @willfeltman)

Upkeep: additional maintenance


    update (#7452)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Lower pydantic requirement to v1.9.2 or greater (#7482)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Bump wheel from 0.37.1 to 0.38.1 in /contrib/cli (#7493)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Bump notebook from 6.4.1 to 6.4.12 in /docs_rtd (#7511)

  • [MAINTENANCE] adding a footer to data docs with a link to the cloud page (#7532)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Harden tests for


  • [MAINTENANCE] Increase minimum scipy version package to 1.6.0 to take advantage of available capabilities. (#7591)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Remove s3fs dependency and upper bound for boto3 (#7598)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Update NotImported mechanism to use scoped compatibility modules (#7635)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Static type checking with python 3.8 (#7637)

  • [MAINTENANCE] Upgrade mypy to 1.2.0 (#7645)

Get the full GX changelog here.

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