Who’s On Call? How We Do Community Support.

Our new process for community support
Written By  Eugene MandelMarch 20, 2020


Written by Eugene Mandel

As we see more teams adopt Great Expectations, we put more effort into making the path to having GE integrated in your data pipelines and workflows clear and easy.

You saw a lot of these improvements rolled out in the 0.9.0 release: improved onboarding, a more comprehensive documentation, a user-friendly CLI, a cleaner and simpler API.

No matter how good the documentation will get, having other people to talk to when you need to is important. Our Slack channel has been and will remain a great resource.

We heard multiple times that the users love the level of responsiveness and that getting their questions answered helped them adopt GE.

Superconductive, the company supporting Great Expectations, is a group of data practitioners - data/software engineers and data scientists. Everybody on the team loves helping users, so until now our process for handling support questions was “whoever jumps first gets to help”.

The community is growing and with it the volume of questions. We need to grow our support with it.

We are starting a weekly Community Support rotation. Each week one team member will monitor Slack and Discuss for support questions, make sure that no questions fall between the cracks and pull in others to help if needed.

What can you expect?

Help in Slack will be available Monday-Friday, “business-hours-ish”. The exact hours will depend on the time zone of the on-call team member for a given week. We are a fully distributed team, with members on both coasts of the US and in between. The on-call team member will announce their hours in Slack every Monday.

How can you help?

When you have a question, check if the GE documentation and in our Discuss, ask it in Slack. The best channels for this are #beginners and #support. If you are asking a question that might be of interest to other users, we will ask you to re-post your question in https://discuss.greatexpectations.io/.

If you are reporting a bug, the team member who is doing Community Support that week will ask you to create a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/great-expectations/great_expectations/issues

If you see another community member ask a question that you can answer, please help them.

Users helping each other is something that is happening already. It is a delight to see this community develop.

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