Announcing the GX Cloud Beta!

GX Cloud has easier onboarding and more collaboration features, powered by GX Open Source at its core.

GX Team
April 04, 2023
GX Team
April 04, 2023
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It’s finally here:

Great Expectations Cloud!

We’re extraordinarily proud that this new manifestation of GX data quality is ready to get out there. Read on to learn more, or go ahead and sign up for the GX Cloud Beta right now.

GX data quality: how we got here

Great Expectations helps you solve the complicated data quality challenges facing data developers today. Its powerful and extensible tools cover a broad range of data quality issues, including missing data, source-to-destination replication, ML model drift, and more.

You can validate data natively on a wide variety of data backends, including Pandas, Spark, and many SQL dialects. You also get auto-generated data documentation that keeps your tests and docs permanently in sync, plus profiling tools for scaling up coverage across many data assets.

Throughout, you remain in total control, because GX’s data processing takes place in place where your data already is.

Our mission is to revolutionize the speed and integrity of data collaboration. We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made in GX Open Source, solving data quality problems in ways that foster communication—like test descriptions that render into plainly understandable English, accessible to nontechnical stakeholders.

We remain 100% committed to GX Open Source: committed to maintaining it, developing it, supporting it, and improving it. It’s not going anywhere. It’s the core of everything we do, including Cloud, and the community around Open Source is absolutely invaluable.

Why we created GX Cloud

But GX Open Source can’t be everything to everyone. We want to provide a level of access to GX capabilities that just isn’t possible with a Python library. We want to find more ways to help people improve their data quality and collaboration.

GX Cloud is the logical next step in spreading the data quality revolution. Its core is GX Open Source, with additional features making it easier to onboard and work with.

Choosing between GX Cloud and GX Open Source

Here’s how to use your infrastructure, your working style, and your team management needs to figure out the best kind of GX data quality deployment for you. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll get the same set of powerful data quality capabilities, so you can’t really get it wrong.

Your infrastructure

Do you want to deep dive into your data quality work immediately? Would you like to pass on even thinking about infrastructure, let alone managing it?

GX Cloud is for you! With GX Cloud, there’s no need to provision or configure the resources required to deploy GX. All of GX’s moving parts—configurations, Data Docs, metadata stores—are packaged to be instantly available and ready for integration.

Best of all, GX Cloud is SOC2 compliant.

Do you want to BYOdB? Do you have REM, air gap, or other esoteric infrastructure requirements? Is using a cloud-hosted service just off the table entirely?

You’re in the perfect position for GX Open Source. The great_expectations Python library is just that: a Python library. So go nuts! If you want, you can still use any of the major cloud providers to store your metadata and manage Data Docs, but you don’t have to.

Your working style

Do you want more one-click convenience in your life? Do you need the input of a lot of non-coding stakeholders? 

Check out GX Cloud. It has persistent links for easy sharing of Data Docs and Validation Results, trend visualizations are built in, and you can edit Expectations directly from a UI. Whether you’re looking to take the feedback loop out of your stakeholder meetings or you just would prefer to push a button (no judgment, we’ve all been there), GX Cloud delivers.

Do you delight in being hands-on with the code all day, every day? Do you not even need UIs, thanks very much?

GX Open Source is your best fit. It’s a developer tool that exposes interface options like a CLI, notebooks, and the Python APIs, so you can engage with it in the programmatic tools where you’re most at home.

Your team

Is your data quality a group effort? Do you need a shared space where every stakeholder, technical or not, can get what they need in a way they understand?

GX Cloud is the right choice. Streamlining collaboration is one of the huge reasons it even exists, which means right off the bat we rolled in user management and authentication with access controls available for larger teams. 

Are you flying solo? Are your collaboration needs mostly hypothetical right now?

Consider GX Open Source. If your main focus is tackling technical debt with occasional collaborators, GX Open Source is a solution for high-powered data quality.

I’m ready to join the GX Cloud Beta

Awesome! We’re so excited. Sign up here.

If GX Open Source sounded more your thing, check out our quickstart!

And if you have a question about anything at all GX, jump over to our Slack channel and ask away. Welcome!

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