Community roundup: January 2024

Featuring Custom Expectations for GX 1.0, the latest roadmap updates, and more

Erin Kapp
January 18, 2024
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At this month’s meetup, we: 

  • Saw the design proposal for Custom Expectations in GX 1.0

  • Watched a demo of GX Cloud’s time-based batches and splitters

  • Heard the latest roadmap updates

  • And more!

Check out the recording if you missed it:

Follow our new calendar to join us at future events! Even if you’ve signed up for the meetup previously, the new calendar will provide better information in the future, especially if there are changes to an event.

Speaking of changes: our February meetup will be replaced by GX Cloud’s public preview kickoff event on February 21! Regular meetups will resume in March.

Thanks and kudos

Our Slack supporters are the keystone that keeps our community vibrant. For January, we’re extending special thanks to:

January 2024 top Slack supporters

Community blog post

José Correia, a senior data engineer and GX Champion, shared how you can get GX data quality in a Spark-based lakehouse environment: Lakehouse Engine! 

Learn more and get the tutorial in José’s post on the GX blog: Data quality for your lakehouse: Lakehouse Engine + GX.

Lakehouse Engine is an open source project from the Adidas Lakehouse Foundations Engineering team. Click here to see it on GitHub.

Roadmap update

Erik Hencier, a senior product manager at GX, reviewed what we’ve been working on recently in GX and what’s up next!

Lately, we’ve been working on: 

  • Managing Data Sources and Assets in the GX Cloud UI

  • A way to use time-based splitting to validate a subset of your SQL data in the GX Cloud UI

  • Viewing an Expectation’s edit history in the GX Cloud UI

Up next:

  • A new Expectation for referential integrity, a long-standing request we’re excited to bring to fruition!

  • Faster team setup in GX Cloud using org-based agents


Mollie Pettit, GX's senior community manager, shared some announcements:

  • We’re hiring! We currently have openings for a project marketing manager, senior software engineer, and senior UX designer. See the role details and apply here: 

  • Reminder: We’re temporarily pausing PRs until GX OSS 1.0 is released! Our GX 1.0 work will be making major changes to the codebase, and we don’t want any contributors to put in time and effort only for their code to immediately get broken by a change. Please hold on to your ideas—we’re excited to begin accepting PRs again after the GX OSS 1.0 release.

New GX event calendar

We have a new calendar for our community events! This calendar will automatically adjust scheduled events on your calendar when there are time or location changes, which our previous system did not allow.

Subscribe to the new calendar here:

The new calendar replaces the existing events, so if you previously subscribed to our calendar please delete that series and replace it with the new one! 

Here’s how to make sure you have the new calendar:

GX 1.0: Custom Expectations design proposal

James Campbell, GX’s co-founder and CTO, shared some current work that the GX 1.0 team is focused on: better ways to author Custom Expectations. Watch the recording here:

If you have any thoughts or feedback based on James’ presentation, you can share it by tagging or DMing @Mollie Pettit in the GX Slack—she’ll make sure your input gets passed along to James and the rest of the team.

GX Cloud: Data Asset validation by date

Rob Lim, a software engineer at GX, gave a demo of how to split a Data Asset into batches by date using the GX Cloud UI! See it here:

Additional updates

  • 🎉 Next month is our public preview kickoff event: Wednesday February 21, noon ET (9am PT)! Click here to sign up.

  • 📅 Our new event calendar can handle time and location changes better: go to to subscribe to it! Once you do that, you can delete the old events.

  • Matt Palmer shared an invite on the GX Slack to the Bay Data Club meetup and happy hour on January 23! If you're in the Bay Area, you can register here.

  • We’re hiring! Check out our open positions for a product marketing manager and senior software engineer: 

Have you done something cool with Great Expectations that you'd like to share? If you're interested in demoing or have a piece of data quality content that you'd like us to feature, DM @Mollie Pettit on our Slack.

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