Video: Great Expectations Community Show and Tell #2

Watch our 2nd community show and tell!

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our 2nd Community Show and Tell! If you’re interested in presenting you can let us know here: Show and Tell Presentation Interest

Here was the lineup for this event:

Niall Woodward and Lorna Brightmore from will be sharing local development and deployment patterns, their use of alerting tiers and how Great Expectations helps ensure their data science models stay on track.

Micha Kunze from the forecasting team of Maersk will show how he and the team have implemented great-expectations in their day-to-day work and how it generates value for the company. The team uses great-expectations to ensure data quality in their data pipelines and forecasting output. As part of their Kubernetes based setup the implementation allows them to break data pipelines or prevent publishing bad forecasts - all while delivering observability to debug input or output data problems.

Pete DeJoy from Astronomer Will walk through deploying the Great Expectations operator in an Airflow environment running on Astronomer. Read more about it here.

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